Fourfields Community Primary School

Fourfields Community Primary School
Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School Life at Fourfields Community Primary School



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Friends Disco Letter                          Friends Disco Poster

Friends Quiz Flier

Appeal for Volunteers for Readers

Year 3 - PG Film Clips

JUngle Book Themed Menu - Thursday 18th January

Curriculum Newsletters Spring 18      FS      Year 1       Year 2      Year 3      Year 4     Year 5      Year 6

Fourfields' Informer 12/01/2018

Foundation Stage Visit to Ferry Meadows

Saturday Netball Club - Age 9-11

SEND Families - Conference Invitation

Clubs Flier Spring 2018

Drama Club Flier Spring 2018

Gymnastics Flier Spring 2018

Dance Club Year 5 and Year 6

Dance Club

Sensory Circuits Reminder - January 2018

Year 3 and Year 4 Caythorpe Information Session for Parents - Weds 17th January 6pm

Sycamore Mufti Day - Friday 12th January

No Sensory Circuits

Recycling Reminder

Informer 15/12/2017

Covering Letter with Revised Menu

Revised Winter Menu

Film Night Letter - 18th January 2018 (Friends)

Informer- 08/12/2017

Year 3 Museum Invitation

Lost Property Clearance

Key Stage 1 Christmas Show - final Arrangements

Foundation Stage Christmas Show - Final Arrangements

Year 2 Cake Sale - Thursday 7th December.

Winter Weather

Informer-1st December 2017

School Xmas Raffle

Xmas Fayre Reminder

Friends Raffle (Xmas Fayre)

You Tube Fact Sheet for Parents

Holiday Club Flier (Feb 18)

Gymnastics Club - Spring Term

Stem Kids Science Club - Spring Term

Informer 24/11/2017

Year 6 Film Permission

Times Tables Rock Stars Launch Letter - Year 2 - Year 6

Informer 16/11/2017

Year 3 Favourite Menu 23/11/2017

Year 6 World War II Day      Suggested Clothing

Xmas Homework

KIngswood Deposit Reminder- also now at West Runton

Children in Need - Teddy and Cake sale

Fourfields Informer 10/11/2017

Christmas Wreath Workshop

Children in Need Fundraising Letter from the School Council

Christmas 2017 Events

Social Media Protocol Reminder

Informer 03/11/2017

Badgers Parents Evening

Fourfields Lunches Update       Christmas Menu - Don't forget to book!


Governor Vacancy Letter   Declaration of Eligibility       Governor Election Leaflet

Bonfire Menu - Monday 6th November

Christmas Menu                   (Orders required - system open from 1st December until 11th December)

Informer - 20/10/2017

Informer - 13/10/2017

Year 6 Kingswood Invitation

Year 5 Trip to Tallington Lakes

Pot Luck Menu - Friday 20th October 2017

Parents Evening - Consultation Timings

Packed Lunch Vs School Meal ....Did You Know?    Government Sugar Recommendations

New Winter Menu - from 30th October

Year 5 Cake Sale

Reflectors On Sale £1

Fourfields Informer 06/10/2017

Year 4 - Roman Day

Be Bright Be Seen - Reflectors on sale from Friday 6th October

Foundation Stage Vision Screening

Sensory Circuits Cancelled WC 9th October

Year 3 Trip to Flag Fen - Viable

Invitation to Year 3 and Year 4 Parents - Food Tasting

Informer - 29/09/2017

Governor Newsletter- October 2017

New Play Equipment - Funded through Friends of Fourfields

Parent Consultation Invitation     ****Link To Booking System *****

Year 2 Visit to Warwick Castle - Viability Confirmation

Finger and Fork Menu - Thursday 5th October

UIFSM Lunch Appeal to FS, Year 1 and Year 2

Recycle with Michael Donation Plea

Year 3 New Menu Taste Test

Friends of Fourfields - Mufti Day on Friday 20th October.

Friends of Fourfields - Halloween Disco Letter

Informer 22/09/2017

No use of the school car park outside school hours

Year 1 Trip to Hamerton Zoo - Viability

Year 6 trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum- Viability

Fieldmice - Violin Letter

Year 5 Favourite Menu - Thursday 28th September

School Photographer Reminder (Monday 2nd October)

Curriculum Newsletters (Autumn Term)   Year 1   Year 2      Year 3     Year 4      Year 5    Year 6   FS

Year 6 Invite to Hampton Gardens Open Evening

Pupil Premium Flier

Cooking Club Letter

Informer 15/09/2017

Year 6 - Invite to Stanground Academy Open Evening

Chickenpox H&S Letter

Book Fair Flier       Save Money! Use Book Vouchers and pay online

Year 1 Visit to Hamerton Zoo

Informer Information

Multi Skills Club Taster Session

Drop In Session with the Family Worker 1st November 2017

Curriculum Guides 2017-18  Year 1   Year 2        Year 3   Year 4      Year 5   Year 6

Results from Parent / Carer Survey July 17

Penalty Notices for Unauthorised Absence

Clubs Flier      Drama     Multi Skills

Year 2 to Warwick Castle

Dangerous Parking on Daimler Avenue

Year 6 ' Dig for Victory' gardening sessions

Year 3 Flag Fen Visit

Year 6 Duxford


 Swimming for Year 6 in 2017-18

Swimming for Year 5 in 2017-18

Foundation Stage Cake Sale

Lost Property 

Summer Raffle - (Mrs Bullard is retiring)

Year 6- Activity World

Volunteer Librarian for the Books on Wheels

Friends of Fourfields - AGM 13th July 2017

Year 6 Transition Letter from Stanground Academy

Governors' Newsletter

Final Kingswood Letter for Year 6

Year 6 - End of Year Treat from Friend sof Fourfields

School Council favourite Menu for 13/07/17

Year 5 Food and Farming Reminder

Year 1 Transition Meeting

Year 6 Enterprise Afternoon

Heatwave- Managing in the Hot Weather

Early Bird Uniform Offer

Year 1 Courgette Planting

Year 5 Greek Feast Planting

Year 6 Leaver's Show and Party Letter

Sun Safety


NSPCC Assembly Letter

Year 2 - Stuart Day Cancelled

Year 5 Greek Day

Year 1 Pizza Invitation

Sports Day 2017

Music Choices 2017-18     

Link to Cambs Music for Violin and Drums   Woodwind Link        Recorder and Keyboard/Piano Link

Biometric Permission - Reminder

Fourfields Informer - 09/06/17

E Safety Workshops for Parents

Sports Day Picnic - 23rd June 2017 (or Mon 26th June if weather unkind!)

Summer Holiday Club at St Peters Church                  Registration Form

Speak Out Stay Safe NCPCC Programme

Bake Off Invitation

Year 3 - Visit from Zoolab

Uniform Offer

Parent Funding Guide

Key Stage 2 Film Making in the Summer Holidays

Year 3 Scootersmart

Muntjacs Pedalsmart

Robins Pedalsmart

Parking at Fourfields

Foundation Stage Trip on Bus

Lost Property

New Summer Menu Covering Letter   New Summer Menu

Biometric Permission Letter

Year R, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 - Mixing Classes 2017-18

Year 2 - A Day as a Stuart

Curriculum Newsletters:     FS   Year 1   Year 2     Year 3    Year 4      Year 5    Year 6

Year 1 Cooking and Gardening Letter

Photographer - FS, Y3 and Y6 + Groups - Wednesday 17th May

Special Menu - Thurs 18th May - Satstastic Menu (Orders by Thursday 11th May)

Walk to School Week Invitation   Walk4Wildlife Sponsor Form

New Intake Induction Programme (Revised)

Mufi Day - 26th May

Year 1 Trip to Tescos

Year 5 Food and Farming Day - Viability Letter

Snack Attack Letter - for Key Stage 2

House Winners Spring 2017

Year 6 SATs Bring It On Breakfast

Walk to School Week Flier

Year 1 Gardening Letter

Summer Club Flier   Drama Club    Street Cheer Club

Year 5 Greek Feast

Parent Drop In Sessions - Flier (With Family Worker)

Book Fair

Pobble Permission

Year 1 Moor Farm Trip - Confirmation of Viability

Road Safety Outside School

Easter Raffle

Delay in Menu Change     Menu Continuation

Year 5 Visit to Tallington Lakes - Details

Lost Property

Year 6 Hoodies - Permission for use of names    LINK to Survey

Interim Headteacher for Farcet School

Caythorpe Residential - Refund

Fairer Funding - Letter to Parents    School's Response to the Consultation

Year 4 Caythorpe Trip - Final Letter

Uniform Price Increase Letter    New prices from 6th April 2017

KS1 SATS Assessment Letter

Year 5 to Tallington Lakes

Year 6 SATS Information Evening - Presentation Slides

FS Trip to Ferry Meadows - Viability

A1 Music Festival Final Letter

New Photographer and Dates

Photogarpher Survey Results

Year 3 and Year 4 Performance

Year 6 Boy in Striped Pyjamas- Permission

Red Nose Day

Year 5 Food and Farming Day - Friday 30th June

Pancake Day - Change to Pudding Menu - 28th February 2016

Year 6 Parent Evening Helpers

Easter Project

Lost Property

Christmas Stamp Design Competition

Healthy Packed Lunch Competition

Headteacher's Newsletter - February 2017

Parents Evening Letter - 1st and 2nd March

Cheerleading Club Flier

Friends of Fourfields Valentine Disco - Thursday 9th February

Curriculum Newsletters    Foundation Stage     Year 1   Year 2   Year 3     Year 4     Year 5     Year 6

Year 1 Trip to Moor Farm

Oak Mufti Day

Bedtime Stories Event - Tues 24th January

Polytunnel Appeal

Adverse Weather Conditions 

Literacy Week at Fourfields     Dressing Up Guidance

BFG Special Menu - Thursday 19th January

Caythorpe Year 4 Parents Information Session

Choir Club

School Photographer Review - Short Survey

Vision Screening for Foundation Stage

After School Clubs for Spring Term 2017   Drama        Street Dance

Foundation Stage Trip to Ferry Meadows

Community Notice - Job Vacancies at Yaxley Parish Council

Cake Sale - Friday 16th December

Lost Property 

Christmas Menu - Monday 19th December  Xmas Lunch Reminder

Change to Published Menu       Revised Menus

Carol Singing at Fourfields - Monday 19th December

Year 4 PPA Teacher

Headteacher's December Newsletter

Year 5 Open Sessions

Year 5 Trip - Viability Confirmation

Local Parent Courses - Issued December 2016

Parent Governor Election Result

Drop in for Parents with Family Worker - Zoe Stockhill

Fundraising for Highways Improvements 

Christmas Raffle

Foodbank Collection Point

Early Years Foundation Stage Survey Results

Christmas Events Newsletter

Pupil Data Verification Letter

Maths Week Homework Task

Christmas Lunch Menu    Survey Link

Children in Need - 18th November   Sponsorship Form

Pupil Data Verification

Parent Forum Invite

Stoats Parent Consultations

Covering Letter for the Winter Menus

Winter Menu 2016-17 (Until Easter)

Maths Evening - Part of our Maths Week

Parental Maths Workshop - Part of our Maths Week

Parent- Money Course

Whole School Homework Project

Kitchen Out of Action - Friday 4th November    Packed Lunch Menu

Christmas Bake Off Challenge

Special Carrot Themed Menu Week - WC 31st October Menu    Letter     Fun Facts

Parent Forum Invitation

Time for a Sort Out?

Photographer - Weds 2nd November

Year 1 Vision Screening

School Car Park

Year 3 Flag Fen Visit - Viable

Parent Governor Election - Initial Letter- PLEASE USE PAPER COPY COMING HOME

Governor Newsletter

Year 6 Secondary School Application Reminder

Year 6 Invitation to Kingswood Residential - July 2017

Reflector On Sale for £1 - Be Bright Be Seen

Mufti Day on 21st October for Friends of Fourfields    Poster

New Intake - September 2017 - Invitation to Information Sessions

Hampton Gardens Consultation Letter

Friends of Fourfields -Film Night Sold Out

Friends of Fourfields - Fundraising Survey

Parent Consultations Invitation

Parent Travel Survey               Direct LINK to Survey

Year 5 Visit to National Space Centre

Key Stage 2 Lunches- Special Menus

Finger and Fork Menu - Thursday 6th October

Recycle with Michael Reminder

Photographer - Change in Date

Year 6 Duxford Trip - Confirmation

Cooking Club - Change of Day

Curriculum Newsletters YR   Y1   Y2   Y3   Y4     Y5    Y6

History Week

A Reminder

Book Fair

Year 3 Visit to Flag Fen

Headteacher's Newsletter

New Build Completion - Access from Monday 19th September

Violin Letter - Fieldmice

Parent Survey - July 2016

Year 6 Trip to Duxford

Friends of Fourfields - New Committee Introduction

Year 3 School Meal Flier

Year 4 Residential Visit to Caythorpe

Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles

Zoolab Visit - Year 1

Year 6 Swimming

National Curriculum Guides    Y1       Y2      Y3      Y4        Y5    Y6   Intro Letter

Birthday Lunches and Request Form

Reading Rewards for Year 1 and Year 2

September - Access and Safety in School

Community Notice- Yaxley Library Book and Biscuit Event