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School Dinners

Fourfields has its own catering service with nutritional meals prepared on site and served on a daily basis for a cost of £2.35 per pupil per day working out at £11.75 per week (this cost is reviewed every September and is current for September 2018). It is possible to order a meal at any time during the week but there is a requirement for meals to be paid for in advance (on line). From September 2014 children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a school lunch without cost following the introduction of the government's Universal Infant Free School Meal initiative.

The governing body at Fourfields is keen to promote children's understanding of a healthy and balanced diet and supports our Catering Team who are working towards the Bronze Award under the Food for Life project. This means that over  75% of the food served at our school is prepared and cooked 'from scratch' by our Catering Team. We have our meat supplied locally and our fish is marine sustainable. Our meals are served on plates (as opposed to flight trays) and we have homemade bread and salad (occasionally sourced from our School Garden) available every day.

Food Allergens

Please click HERE for more information about the food allergens within our school menus.  If you need further analysis, please let the school office know and the Catering Manager will contact you.

Extra Services

During the course of the morning the pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are offered a snack which includes a piece of fruit or vegetable such as apple, pear, satsuma, carrot or banana which is provided free through the National Fruit & Vegetable Scheme. When available, Key Stage 2 children will also be offered a piece of fruit, alternatively they may like to bring a healthy snack or fruit or vegetables; we would prefer the children do not bring crisps, chocolate bars or similar snacks in packets which too often are found blowing around the school playground and do not support our Healthy School status.

Children in the Foundation Stage can enjoy a cup of milk (allergen 7) during their morning session (free) and all other children are offered milk during their lunch.

Important Notice

It is strongly recommended that all children bring in a named water bottle for access to water (no juices or squash please) during the day. This helps with learning and is a health and safety requirement in hot weather.